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A FULL DAY, in-person course for discovering your core desired feelings . . .

How do you want to feel?

In your heart, your body, your career?

When you wake up in the morning,

when you speak your peace,

when you go after what you want?

THE DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP—LEVEL 1 is a program for clarifying what you truly
want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices
from now on.

You will leave this workshop knowing your “core desired feelings”—a guidance system
for your decision making. A GPS for your soul.
We’ll look at our perceptions around “feelings” and goal setting. We’ll examine how we
drive and strive, and see where in our lives we experience freedom—and where we want
more of it.

You will be guided through five life areas to explore your most desired feelings in:

‣ Lifestyle & Livelihood
‣ Creativity & Learning
‣ Body & Wellness
‣ Relationships & Society
‣ Essence & Spirituality

“Get clear on how you really want to feel in every area of your life and use that knowledge to guide your actions, goals and dreams”
~ Danielle LaPorte

What you will get:

~The Desire Map Workbook

~The Desire Map Process

~An Aromatherapy Gentle Yoga Session + Reiki Infused Releasing & Healing Meditation (Optional)

~A Special Gift

~A shared sacred space where you will be supported and INSPIRED + much more …..

Investment: $350.00 CAD

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at info@marisa

It’s never too late to live a life that feels good.
A life that you consciously choose and design, based on your own core desired feelings.
I’d like to help you uncover those feelings so you can start building a life that helps you generate them.

The Desire Map Level 1 Virtual Course

When: TBD (2016)

Where: Online

Price: $350 CAD + workbook (optional)

Includes 6 Group calls + a private FB group for support + a Personal Elemental Energy Clearing with Reiki + Group Reiki clearings + more!

Exploring the five key areas of your life – Lifestyle + Livelihood, Creativity + Learning, Body + Wellness, Relationships + Society, Essence + Spirituality, to figure out what’s working, what’s not, what’s missing, and what to let go of.

If you know right now you want in you can reserve your spot here at a discounted rate for my next In Person Desire Map offering

You will receive a welcome email within 24-48 hours of payment. If purchased on the weekend you will receive it on the Monday following.

For more info shoot me an email me at:


Desire Map Level 2 Virtual Course

“The Journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.”
~ Danielle Laporte

I’m now offering the Desire Map Level 2 Virtual 6 Week Course


You don’t need to have taken Level 1 to participate, you just need to have read The Desire Map and discovered YOUR Core Desired Feelings.
Includes 6 Group calls + a private FB group + a Personal Energetic Elemental Clearing + Group Reiki treatments + more!

In Level 2 we’ll be getting clear on your relationship with goal setting AND then setting goals (or “intentions”) according to your core desired feelings + discovering how much deeper we can still go in our exploration and integration of desire.

Reserve your spot here by emailing

You will receive a welcome email within 24-48 hours of payment. If purchased on the weekend you will receive it on the Monday following.


If you want to join me on the road to goals with soul, the details are here:

Get your feet wet with The Desire Map Book


Awakening Coaching

Finding a path can be exciting, daunting and downright frightening. Perhaps you have tried many paths and still find yourself either looping back to the beginning or lost far from where you started.

Every journey needs a map, and every traveller needs a compass.

Find it and follow it.

My life’s work is in guiding individuals like yourself to your path and offering the tools you need to navigate that path.

I endeavour to give you the guidance you need to find and follow your own compass, with the idea that once you possess this powerful tool to refer to, you will never be lost again.

I work with BIG dreamers who have always known deep down there is an amazing life waiting for them.

I offer one on one Awakening Coaching that you can do right from the comfort of your own home online or by phone.

Drop me an email and let me know where you’re at, where you want to be as well as anything you may be struggling with currently, and I promise to personally get back to you!

Get inspiration, info and love notes!

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